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teeth cleaning

  1. Puppy to Adult Yellowing Teeth and When Should I Worry

    Dog Health
    My large standard poodle has just passed one year old, and with brushing every other day to every 3 days at worst, 1-2 of his teeth are already becoming yellow/stained. One side is worse than the other, but it's in the same location and I focus on these parts the most during brushing. I've heard...
  2. What's the best dog teeth cleaning "tool(s)" out there?

    Dog Grooming
    Hello guys, I was hoping I could ask this huge, wonderful dog community what their thoughts on certain dog oral cleaning products were and which one(s) they felt was most effective at its job, removing "junk" off the teeth. The products I've seen are... [if you know of anything else, please...
  3. Where do you buy your chicken necks?

    Dog Food
    I was wanting to get some for our dogs as treats and to help with teeth cleaning as I read that they're one of the best things to give but I can't seem to find any. I called the three butchers that were anywhere close to us and none of them sold them or could get them. Where do you guys buy...
  4. Is a dental cleaning worth the risk?

    Dog Health
    I know this is long, but please read! I really need lots of opinions. Thank you. My chihuahua needed a teeth cleaning last year so we scheduled an appointment in November. But then 2 weeks before the cleaning appointment, she had a bad episode of neck and back pain (it never happened before and...
  5. Older dog and teeth cleaning. What are my options?

    Dog Health
    Hi all, I am new here. My Toy Fox Terrier is ~14 years old, still healthy, but in need of a good teeth cleaning. I usually get his teeth cleaned under anesthesia every 6 months, but I am concerned about his age this time. When is too old for a dog like this to "go under" for teeth cleaning? And...