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  1. Is it weird to get a tattoo dedicated to your dog? DISCUSS!

    Off Topic Discussion
    So I have a few tattoos...Planning on getting more. I was thinking about getting a doggy paw print (in Pink, since it's her color)......Maybe with her name, but probably not. Biscuit it not my first pet, and will more than likely not be my last.......I have seriously been waffling on this idea...
  2. Does anyone have a tattoo dedicated to their dog?

    Dog Art
    I have 5 small paws on one foot and I have 5 cats so although at the time I got it I only had a total of 5 pets and that was the intention, I now say that it is just for the cats... in hopes to get separate, new dog related tattoos. I am super simple. I don't want anything complex. I barely...