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  1. personalized dog harnesses ????

    General Dog Discussion
    :confused: I need some help here... My older dog cannot wear a collar bc of an old ingrown collar scar on her neck (I adopted her like this 11yrs ago). She wears a harness vs a collar bc when I walk her with a collar it irritates her scaring. I was wondering if anyone knows of a place where I...
  2. What Type Of Dog do I Have?

    General Dog Discussion
    I've just adopted a dog from my local Humane society. The paperwork that came with him only states he is 10 weeks old... The people also didn't know what he was for sure because he was transferred from KS. They were unsure but told me Daschund, Min-Pin mix. He has no resemblance lol... He...
  3. Lets play Tag! .. TAG, Your it!

    Off Topic Discussion
    Ok so in a note I wrote Mike the other day about how to promote the site, I mentioned to him tags…. No one here much uses them, but every one can, both on your posts and on others post. You can even modify them to some extent. Tags are key words that help others find a topic. Some people...