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  1. Vomiting in dogs dietary indiscretion

    General Dog Discussion
    A dog might eat some unwanted object or something inappropriate for dogs like chocolate, candies, plants, and unfamiliar foods but that is not related to his regular foods. This action comes from the stomach and it's trying to throwing up seems like symptoms of diarrhea and pancreatitis...
  2. Mange vs. Allergy. HELP!!!

    Dog Health
    I got my dog (blue heeler/lab/pit mix about 6/7 months) early September. After I brought him home I noticed SEVERE itching, hair loss, and of course the bumps. I originally thought MANGE, however, I noticed something odd. All of this is on his legs, feet, and general lower body while his back...
  3. Odd Symptoms

    Dog Health
    My 9 year old dachshund has been exhibiting some odd behavior. He is shivers slightly and acts very lethargic. He has no energy to do anything, doesn't want to go on walks or even get out of bed. All of his blood work from the vet came back normal and all of his organs are fine. He also had...
  4. Is my dog's incision healing well or should I be concerned?

    Dog Health
    We had our pup neutered this past Saturday. He seems to be behaviorally sound (extra cuddly, even), however I'm concerned with the healing process of the incision itself. All bleeding and or leakage has been extremely minimal, but he has occasionally gotten around to licking the wound. The...