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  1. Swollen Gums but not Gingivitis

    Dog Health
    Looking to see if any other owners have had the same experience with their dog, and what you've done to resolve it. Three weeks ago, my dog, Bear, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, began pawing at his mouth and developed the most horrible breath. I checked his mouth and his gums around one of his...
  2. Snout Swelling

    Dog Health
    This morning I woke up and noticed that my dog's left side of her snout was a swollen, it was perfectly fine the day before. Today is Saturday and on Wednesday she got her face into an ant hill because she sniffed out a dead rat in there, I quickly removed it out of her mouth and made sure to...
  3. Swollen bump on bulldogs head..what is it?

    Dog Health
    My bulldog is 8 months old and has had this bump on her head for at least 5 of those months. It started off small and then it got scabby and when it healed her hair didn't grow back. Recently, it has started to look swollen and today I took her out for a walk in the rain and it started to...