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  1. Puppy possibly swallowed small clothing item - no signs of blockage

    Dog Health
    Sunday evening I was putting away laundry and my 5-month-old puppy (Bernedoodle, 35lb) sneaked in and grabbed some small items, usually, she just chews on them and does not swallow anything, this time there is a possibility that she has eaten one. My husband is certain that she did not and that...
  2. 2 month old puppy swallowed scotch tape

    Dog Health
    my puppy just swallowed a piece o scotch tape that was rolled up with the glue side outwards! she seems fine and playing but sometimes briefly seems to try to vomit but nothing happens. she's 2 months old and very small will she pass it or will it disintegrate in her stomach or should i be...
  3. I think my rottie swallowed a rubber ball - please help!

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone, I am new here but have a problem I am very worried about. My Rottweiler Freddie has possibly swallowed a large rubber ball. I turned my back for a moment and the ball was gone. I have looked everywhere and I can only think he has swallowed it. It is slight larger than a...
  4. I think Trucker may have ate a Ornament Hanger

    Dog Health
    So this morning I thought Trucker was chewing on his bone like a good boy when I caught a glimpse of shiny blue, it was an ornament. I only have plastic ornaments on my tree this year because we are still in an adjustment period and I wasn't sure how Trucker would react to a Christmas Tree. I...
  5. Swallowed piece of antler - All is well but I feel out of options!

    Dog Food
    Can ANYONE suggest any safe chews for powerful chewers who are food-obsessed? BESIDES deer antlers, bully sticks, nylabones, and bones? Does anything SAFE exist? Additionally, our dog unfortunately can be quite sickly (she suffers from an autoimmune disease), so we have to be extra careful about...