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  1. Why horses shed their outer toes to have one digit

    Off Topic Discussion
    New Research Helps Confirm Why Horses Have Single-toed Hooves | HowStuffWorks interesting - the hunch that's been circulating for years now has data to support it. :thumbsup:
  2. Rescue Fund in memory of Tuva?

    General Dog Discussion
    So I am going to try to stay pragmatic and minimally sappy here. I posted about this in the Memorials section, but it only got one response, so I guess it was too long or redundant. Tuva went too young, far too young. She helped me catch and rescue a stray a month before she died, and I, with...
  3. Yappy New Year from Animal Suspension Technology

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    The dog is artificial, but the New Year is Real! Best wishes from all of us at AST!!