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  1. My dog blind from stroke - is it permanent?

    Dog Health
    Hi Friends, our 10 year old Sheltie had a stroke yesterday and is now completely blind. We took her to the vet but they pretty much said there is nothing they can do for her but that she can live happily even though she is now blind. I tried to get answers as to whether the blindness is possibly...
  2. Don’t give up on a dog if it still has the spirit to recover

    Dog Health
    If your beloved pet is not given much hope by the vet, but the pet seems to have the strength to heal, trust your pet and help him or her get better! Our vet gave us only the hope of maybe time and prayers when our pet had a stroke. After about 6-8 months, he was 98% recovered. About a...
  3. SO worried! Dexter had a seizure or something! What happened?!

    Dog Health
    Can anyone help me figure out what happened to him? Okay before I begin I just want to say that I called the emergency vet, who gave me some advice and said that since he snapped out of it and was totally normal afterward (will explain) that I didn't need an emergency visit unless he had some...
  4. Help! I think she had a stroke!

    Dog Health
    ok I need advice on this situation, I own a senior dog Suddenly I notice my dog acting strange in the middle of the living room, she's sitting up but quite still, this is very odd for her, I kneel down asking whats wrong and horrified I notice the pupil of her right eye is drooping downward, in...