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  1. My house smells like dog... PLEASE HELP.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I want to cry so much; I love my puppy but his smell is everywhere and I can't stand it. My puppy; a 9 week old Goldendoodle is my first ever dog, he is amazing and doing well with training so far but he smells so bad. Even right out of the shower he has this toxic scent that makes me want to...
  2. Advice to help a puppy owner?

    General Dog Discussion
    I've grown up with dogs my entire life. This time, I'm living on my own with my boyfriend and have my own puppy. He is now 6 months old and a huge sweetheart. However I have never been so anxious about leaving him at home while I'm at work. My boyfriend and I take different lunches so he is only...
  3. Stressed new puppy owners living in an apartment

    Puppy Help
    Hi there, We recently adopted a miniature dachshund who is currently about 12 weeks old. We've had him for a little over 2 weeks now...and we are ridiculously stressed out. We live in an apartment with no easy access to grass (only pavement), so we've been indoor potty training him on a pee...