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  1. Capturing a Stray Dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, I am trying to help 3 stray dogs that haved lived on the campus where I am a student in San Antonio for the past 3 months but need advice. These dogs do not seem to have a home and are very much street dogs but are non-agressive to people and come to campus for food most likely. 2 of them...
  2. Should my dog be put outside to be with the new stray?

    New Additions
    We found a stray dog that had been dumped. She is a beautiful young dog that has had puppies, and we took her home and took care of here. We are going to get her spayed, get her shots and such. My german shepard is 3 years old, and she has been an inside dog ever since. We love her to death...
  3. Help me identify what breed this puppy is (stray dog)

    General Dog Discussion
    So I found these puppies and this one particular puppy (even though they are all siblings) is really adorable and cute and I wanna know if you guys can help me identify its breed. There are alot of pictures I took of them, here are the pictures: TheRammo's albums - Imgur
  4. Suggestions needed!

    Dog Health
    I recently found 2 dogs on the side of the road and decided to keep them after being unable to locate their owners, if they even had any. One is a 80 lb lab and the other is a 70 boxer. They are both girls and the vet said they were around two. I have had them for a few months now and I take...
  5. I found your dog... again.

    General Dog Discussion
    I seem to be the neighborhood dogcatcher. I live in a nice neighborhood, but there's a bit more of a rural area on the other side of the road. On the other side of my across-the-street neighbor's lawn, there is a highway. I find dogs who are off of their leash and out of their yard all the time...
  6. Please take a moment to sign and share petition!!!!!

    Dog News
    The link to the other white house petition is on the news feed of this petition. Please sign and share both...
  7. Just rescued a stray in Philly ... connections?

    General Dog Discussion
    At 1pm yesterday in the local park, while my dog was playing off leash, up ran a very handsome shepherd - bull terrier - something mix. He's tan to light blonde in hue with a white spot on his chest and dark shepherd-type ears, which look rather rakish on a staffordshire-type face. 55 lb...
  8. Walking on a Leash

    New Additions
    Hello all! This is my first thread on Dog Forum and I am looking for a bit of help. My boyfriend and I just adopted a beautiful Boxer/Lab mix, Isla (pronounced Eye-lah), on Sunday. The shelter approximated her age to be about four months. She was found as a stray in Kentucky and they...
  9. Two lovable strays in need of a good home

    New Additions
    Hi everyone, These two dogs are living in a structure near my home, the family that had taken them in had to move and couldn't take them with. I'm afraid they will be picked up by the pound and put to sleep. They are both very lovable and gentle and they both need someone to love them. I want...
  10. Anyone know what breed this little guy is?

    Puppy Help
    Hey, my cousin decided to take in a stray that she found. He's okay (thank god!) but where trying to figure what breed he is. Does anyone know what breed my cousin's pup is? They think he's around 3 to 4 months old Thanks
  11. Not all stray dogs are stray

    General Dog Discussion
    I don’t mean to be provocative with my first post but… Having lived in Thailand for 16 years and spent many hours observing dogs in Thai society and reading about them, I have reached the conclusion that not all unowned dogs here are stray. I am not talking about abandoned pets or pets on the...
  12. Dog jumping the fence

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We adopted Jack 2.5 weeks ago. He's 1 year, lab mix, weighs 72lbs and is pretty mellow. He was a stray when he was found. He obeys perfectly while inside - it's my kingdom - but only occasionally outside - it's his stray kingdom. We have a typical 4' city fence and a decent-sized backyard...
  13. Adopting a street pup nepal

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello everyone, This is my first post here. I am an American going to the university of Kathmandu. I live with my girlfriend on the edge of the valley out of the main city. While walking home late the other night we found a black puppy cold and wet in the dirt on the side of the road. We have...