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  1. Stray dog problem

    New Additions
    Background (PLEASE READ): I live in an impoverished country that does not have any form of animal control services or animal shelters/pounds. My neighborhood has been suffering from a stray dog problem for a while now where several stray dogs are residing in the area and harassing residents...
  2. Rescue dog advice

    New Additions
    We rescued a shepherd mix from the South and have had him 3 weeks. Neutered male, 3 years old. No signs of aggression with us, but had a bad experience at Vet yesterday...had to be muzzled due to growling. He also got a little anxious during out first visit with obedience trainer. However...
  3. Rescued a stray who is fighting with our other dogs

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    We have 3 dogs in our house. 2 boys and a girl. They are all rescues. 5 days ago we rescued a stray off the street around our house. She is a young, high energy retriever mix. She is a super sweet dog and very good with our kids, but won't stop fighting and displaying aggression towards 2 of our...
  4. Keeping A Stray Dog Away

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, lovely people! I'm hoping you'll be able to give me some advice. I own two rescue dogs here in Taipei, Taiwan. I take them to a dog park daily, however lately, a dog has been showing up that is being a complete pest to my dog and every other dog that goes there. This dog relentlessly...
  5. Woman in China embezzles money from work to save dogs

    General Dog Discussion
    When dogs are abandoned in Beijing, where do they go? Who takes care of them? It seems the love for animals is universal. See the challenges Chinese volunteers face and the sacrifices they make as they fight to protect stray animals. Here is their story:
  6. Not all stray dogs are stray

    General Dog Discussion
    I don’t mean to be provocative with my first post but… Having lived in Thailand for 16 years and spent many hours observing dogs in Thai society and reading about them, I have reached the conclusion that not all unowned dogs here are stray. I am not talking about abandoned pets or pets on the...
  7. Can you tell me how old my dog is?

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    I walked outside of my apartment in Ulaanbaatar this morning, and found this. I think she was abandoned by her mother:confused:. I stood around a while, and didn't see anyone come back for her. Could you please tell my how old you think she might be. Someone told me she looked to be about 1...