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  1. Nightly Vomiting

    Dog Health
    Hi Everyone, I have a sweet, nine-year-old golden retriever, Sam. More recently, I've noticed that Sam seems to be throwing up his food consistently every time he jumps onto my bed at night. My bed is about 3 or 4 feet from the floor. He jumps up, and a few minutes later he will be quietly...
  2. My dog seems to have had an upset stomach for over 12 hours now

    Dog Health
    Last night around 6pm I noticed my dog acting "off." I can always tell when his stomach is bothering him, he gets the saddest look on his face and sits up with his head hunched over. This has happened a few times throughout the 3 years I've had him, and he always throws up not long after he...
  3. Gurgling Tummy

    Dog Health
    My 10 year old Rat Terrier has had a sensitive stomach all her life. Occasionally, I will hear her tummy gurgling loudly, like a churning stomach acid sound, and she will not want to eat. That’s when I know she feels bad because she always wants to eat! Sometimes when her stomach is upset I will...
  4. Dog post surgery stomach lump

    Dog Health
    Hello My dog underwent a surgery 2 weeks and a half ago because he ate something he shouldn't have. Two days ago he began vomiting and acting like when he was sick before the surgery. We thought he had swallowed something again and we had to bring him to the vet to perform a surgery again. So...
  5. Dog's stomach is bleeding?

    Dog Health
    **first: I'm only a teenager so I'm not good at judging what to do. A few days ago when my dog was lying down I noticed a spot of blood on her stomach. My parents (who aren't the best at being dog owners) think that it'll go away after a while and my dog can take care of herself, but I really...
  6. Dog Health Supplement

    Dog Health
    I have a very picky lab that has very sensitive skin and stomach. I show horses and found out that one of my favorite companies also makes dog supplements. I urge everyone to go and check out these canine products! They are affordable and truly help with their skin, coat, stomachs, immune...
  7. Loose stool after sickness

    Dog Health
    I am the proud papa of an 11 month old pit bull/boxer. Since the day I got him at the Humane Society I have fed him Hill's Science Diet: Advanced Fitness dog food (what he was being fed at the Humane Society). After consulting with my vet I decided to leave him on the Science Diet since he...
  8. what to feed my border collie?!

    Dog Food
    Hi there, we were recently given a border collie. Shes doing fantastically on dry food. The thing is, she is constantly eating grass. She never eats enough to actually make herself sick, we were told to change her feed as what she is on may be upsetting her stomach. With so many different types...