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  1. My dog keeps barking and bashing at the backdoor, need advice.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, I recently adopted a 15 month old (approx) staffy, and at the pound he was very energetic and playful, but most importantly quiet. We were told he was raised previously as an outdoors dog and I intended to keep that tradition. However, we've let him inside a few times to stay out of the...
  2. Help with ma puppy plz

    trying to identify a dog, daschsund staffy cross mother. looking to find fathers breed to work out size and training options, please find my first post if you think you can help, thanks ! :D
  3. Need help with identity

    Hello I have a 4 month old puppy, her mother is a staffy dacshund cross, however the father was never seen. Its not a huge deal but we would like to know what breed she seems to be from anyone good at identifying. We want to know because we would like to know what size she will grow too (we dont...
  4. Summery walk

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    It was really sunny today, and since I missed out on the weather yesterday 'cause I was poorly I took my camera with us on Zoey's walk. We were only out about 20 minutes, but man I forgot how much warmer weather tires Zoey out!! Ready for the off... She climbed onto the bf and covered his...
  5. HELP! Worried about my sick 6mth old pup :(

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone, Thought I would post here as I’m really worried about my 6 month old American staffy Boof. He’s been sick for about 3 days now. On Saturday night he was completely fine but when I woke up on Sunday morning he was not well. Looked sick and wouldn’t eat or drink water. Which is VERY...
  6. My Staffy X is constantly jumping on me! Any advice would be much appreciated :)

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This is the first time I've ever posted in a forum so please bear with me if this topic already exists or I'm doing something wrong :confused: My baby Jax is 7 months old, he's a staffy X (mum is a staffy X german shepherd and dad is a staffy X blueheeler). He's probably the most loving and...
  7. Do you see anything else in Zoey?

    Dog Breeds
    Zoey is about 20 months old now and we've always just called her a terrier / Staffy mix. I was just wondering what anyone would guess is her breed / mix :) Please note we live in the UK, so she's not a pit. We know she is mainly, if not all, Staffy but I was just wondering if there were any...