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staffordshire terrier

  1. Goodbye Lucy

    Dog Memorials
    We went to the store today, came back and as always our dog was running around, happy to see us. We go inside and a few minutes later my sister comes in and tells us she's not breathing. We go outside and discover she's passed. We don't know why but my family and I will miss her so much. :(...
  2. Somebody can help with this breed of dog

    New Additions
    Staffordshire bull terrier or plott hound IDK :ponder::ponder::ponder::ponder: Hi i'm adopting this baby. It's 2 months old. The adoption center told me can be a Potentially dangerous dog and I have a little niece I want to save this life and adopt this baby girl but can somebody here told if...
  3. Hello :D

    Hello :) My name is Emileigh. I have a Staffordshire Terrier named Lucy :dog-bone: I want to travel. Some of my hobbies are reading, photography and doing things online.
  4. Healed scar from spaying... Itchy and red

    Dog Health
    My dog, Sweet Pea, is a rescued Staffordshire terrier mix.. Not too sure on her age. She was in 2 shelters before we got her. First shelter said she was 1.5, second shelter said she was 4. Anyway, she either got spayed at the first shelter, or already was spayed before ending up in the shelter...
  5. crossbreed x3 help!

    Dog Breeds
    hello, just wondered has anyone ever seen or had a ( shar-pei x basset hound x staffordshire bull terrier ) ive seen a shar pei x basset hound and a staffy x shar pei but not all together.! would like to know what they'd look like x we may have some on the way ! :):eyeroll: