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  1. Springer Spaniel Aggressive Behavior

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, I am new and am hoping that someone has some advice. Maggie is the sweetest most loving Springer Spaniel you have ever met. However, she is afraid of everything!! Then about 3 months ago she became aggressive during her heat cycle. She just seemed grumpy, she was growling at her older...
  2. Which spaniels are good with children?

    New Additions
    My fiancé and I are looking to get our first dog together, and are trying to decide the what breed to go for. As we're going to start a family in the next few years the most important thing is that they're good with young children. Our house is quite small so we want a small - medium sized dog...
  3. Special Christmas Video from Mickey & Me

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Mickey and I wish everybody a Merry Christmas! Now if only he could wear that hat, lol! <--- Check it out!
  4. Mickey and I made a SEQUEL!!!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hey Everyone! I made a sequel to my video of Mickey and me racing up the stairs, ha! *<--Check it out! Enjoy :-)
  5. Answers...Game Show Style :)

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hey Everyone! Wanted to share this video I made with my springer spaniel Mickey, helping you to learn a little more about us, lol! <--Check it out! Enjoy :-)
  6. The Daily Routine of Walking Mickey :)

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hey, wanted to share this funny video I made with my springer spaniel Mickey called: Poop It<-- Check it out! Enjoy :-)
  7. Best Staring Contest Ever!!!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Best staring contest with my springer spaniel Mickey, lol! If you do the same with your dog, you'll love this...check it out! Enjoy!
  8. Mickey and I make a 4th of July video!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Mickey and I made a 4th of July video! To see more of our videos, check out: MICKEY & JERMAINE - YouTube
  9. Human Mimicking Dog

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    I made a musical sketch called Mimicking Mickey with my dog Mickey, a springer spaniel...enjoy! For more sketches, check out our youtube channel Mickey & Jermaine
  10. Introducing Mickey the Spaniel & Jermaine

    Hi, Introducing my springer spaniel, Mickey! I made a batch of funny 1-minute music videos called Mickey & Jermaine, featuring Mickey and myself :-) A new video a released there every Wednesday! This latest video is called Enjoy!
  11. ESS Question- Field or Bench?

    Dog Breeds
    Hope this question is allowed. Would love some help from someone who knows the English Springer Spaniel well. :3 I've been trying to research the Springer breed ever since I got a Springer pup as a gift. I know there are 2 different types of ESS; Field and Bench, differences. Anyway, I'm curious...
  12. Devastated by Groomer

    Dog Grooming
    Hi, im new here and this is my first post. So i have a 1yr old English Springer (murphy), he is a field bread dog, so he is quite small compared to show dogs. Murphy had one of the best coats that we have ever seen on a springer, a real stunning looking dog, everyone thought so from vets to...