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  1. Caring for spitz-type coats & other double coats?

    Dog Grooming
    Hey all, I haven't seen a thread on spitz grooming (Elkhound, Husky, Chow, Pom, etc). Thought I'd start one as they all have such specific needs. Tuva is a mix of spitzy breeds (Elkie or husky and chow) with some ACD. Her coat def comes from the spitzes. Average guard hair is 1.5-2 in long...
  2. Pungsan vs. Jindo.

    Dog Breeds
    I'll purchase one of them soon, but I was wondering what would be the best for me. I can't get that much information on the pungsan, so I need someone who knows them to tell me the differences between these two breeds. How much bigger are pungsans? What's the difference in attitudes toward...
  3. What kind of dog is this?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi everyone! A friend of mine really needs help identifying the dog in this video: We're thinking its a mixed breed, possibly half Spitz. I don't know much about dogs so I could really use some help ><! Please let me know, thank you!