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  1. Does this spay incision look infected?

    Dog Health
    I am worried about my pup and her Incision after spay.. its been a couple days and there is a long hard bump underneath..she is uncomfortable when I try to feel it and has been acting anxious. Thanks for any help you could offer. She's going into the vet tomorrow either way to get it checked out.
  2. Help Post Spay Infection???

    Dog Health
    We recently rescued a 9 month old black German shepherd. She was just spayed a week and a half ago and I am worried about her incision site. I'll attach a photo below. We've been keeping it dry/ cleaning it with warm water and a cotton cloth and it doesn't seem to be hurting her. Shes still in...
  3. Spay Incision Opened After 7 Days?

    Dog Health
    My golden was spayed 8 days ago, (buried sutures) and the vet told us we could take off the e-collar after 7 days. On day 6 it looked like it was healing nicely, so I had no problem taking it off on day 7. However, she started licking excessively right away, so we put the cone back on. Now, it...
  4. 10 month old Chihuahua Dachshund mix got spayed 3 days ago and is acting all aggressive.

    Off Topic Discussion
    I got my female chiweenie mix dog spayed Monday (12/16/19) and now she growls at everyone. She's shaking and she wouldn't eat that much or drink. She is on previcox 57 mg 1 tab daily for pain. I don't know what to do since everyone is telling it is a normal reaction after surgery but I can't...
  5. E-Collar accidentally came off at night, dog licks spay site (Day 9). Infected?

    Dog Health
    Good evening, My 18 month Maltese recently got spayed about 9 days ago (10/28/2019). Her incision site has been healing well and was scabbing. It had no signs of infection such as redness, pus none of that. However, last night the E-collar came off and she was able to access her incision site...
  6. 4 Days post-spay - healthy incision?

    Dog Health
    My 6 month old puppy was spayed on Monday, and aside from trying to control her crazy energy spurts, all has been going well so far. However, I have a concern about the incision and whether or not it appears to be healing properly. It looks a little irritated to me, which I'm sure is normal...
  7. My Rescue Pup has a Lump at her Spay Incision

    Dog Health
    Hi Everyone, New to the forum and new to being a dog guardian (I had a dog as a child/teen but never as an adult). We just rescued the sweetest German shepherd mix (40 pounds, they think lab mixed in-anywhere between 2 and 4 years old they said) from the local humane society. She is a delight...
  8. Urgent help! My dog hasn't been to the bathroom in days

    Dog Health
    Hi! Hoping you could help me. I have a four-year-old Hungarian Vizsla called Mouse. She was spayed 3 days ago. The operation went well. She is drinking water and eating but not in her normal quantities. She HATES the bandage. It freaks her out so she pretty much spends all day lying down...
  9. Does this spay incision look infected?

    Dog Health
    Hello, I recently got my chihuahua "Lucy" spayed on 2/24/2018. I've never had a dog that wasn't already spayed/neutered when I adopted it, so this is my first time going thorugh the recovery/healing process with a pet. So this is I guess the beginning of her third day out of surgery. I took...
  10. Puppy won't lay down after spaying

    Dog Health
    Hello, My 7 month old puppy got spayed yesterday. She had a bit of complications and required them to go back in an add another stitch. She's eating and drinking normal, and seems to be in higher spirits but she refuses to lay down. She's taking pain medication but only every 12 hours. She...
  11. 12 year old Shih Tzu will be getting Spay

    Dog Health
    My little 12 year old baby has had an extended heat and not normal. She has white drainage. Ultrasound was done and there was fluid in the horns of the uterus and small amount in the uterus. I have her scheduled to be spay, but am frightened to death. She's eating, drinking, feeling well other...
  12. Spay incision infected?

    Dog Health
    Hello, My dog Lola got spayed about a month ago. Everything was healing fine, it looks almost all healed up. She also is super active and eating/drinking. Just yesterday I noticed she has a small red lump on the bottom of the incision. Today I noticed it swelled up a little bit. It doesn't seem...
  13. Spay Infection?

    Dog Health
    This is my first time having a dog who was spayed and the rescue we got her from gave us very little info on how to care for this. She had the surgery 6 days ago and it has been hard to keep her calm. Thank you for all your help. She is eating fine, tons of energy. I just don't want to mess it up.
  14. Dogs hackles rising in pain?? Really need advice

    Dog Health
    Backstory, Today is Saturday my dog got spayed on Wed. She is a female lab/vizsla mix about 55 pounds. She is approx 3/4 yrs. Give or take 2 or so yrs. She was a rescue this past Aug and she has had multiple litters. Never had any aggression problems whatsoever. If she is scared or excited her...
  15. When Spaying/Neutering, Is Timing Really Everything?

    General Dog Discussion
    When I first adopted Trucker I was told by our vet that I was lucky he had not been Neutered as a puppy but rather only been Neutered when he was pulled by the local Rescue that I adopted him from. She said that a dog needs to reach puberty before being altered in order to avoid health...
  16. Female Humping AFTER Spay

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey guys! My five year old mutt came into our home about two months ago. In the time before we were given the okay to spay her, she humped one of my friends one time. We recently had her spayed (two weeks ago today), but about a week after she started humping people. She has humped me (who she...
  17. Picking up a small dog after spay surgery

    Dog Health
    Hi, So I have a 10-11 lb Terrier. After she's spayed, she will be on crate rest for 7-10 days with restrictions on running, stairs, jumping, etc. What is the safest way to actually pick her up, so as not to cause pain or damage to her spay incision site? Right now I tend to pick her up a...
  18. Reintroducing Dogs After Fight

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We rescued a stray approximately 1 year old female dog. After an easy introduction, she was great with my 7 year old female (spayed) and 8 year old male (neutered). Before we could spay the new stray, she went into heat and attacked my female. No serious injuries, just a few scrapes. Since...
  19. Dog compulsively humping bed

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum, and I'm new to being a dog owner! :) My wife an I just adopted a 3 year old intact chocolate lab. When I say adopted, I mean my boss' dad owned the dog and he we took her in since we have been looking to adopt a dog for awhile now! She has been...
  20. Small Veterinary Mistake Leads to Huge Nightmare

    Dog Health
    I am new to this forum but certainly will be sticking around! I foster dogs for a local non-kill shelter and was referred to your forums by one of our board members - I am trying to help a dear friend of mine. I hope I am allowed to post this here. I read all of the guidelines and do not see...