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  1. Acute allergy or puppy cold?

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone. This is my first time posting and I am a first-time dog owner. 2 months ago my fiance and I adopted an adorable, healthy Italian Greyhound at 8 weeks. He is now 4 months old and he is in relatively good health (aside from missing a testicle [only 1 descended]). :D Last...
  2. Does the dog have a cold or what is it

    Dog Health
    We have a beagle/jrt age 11 months. He is a happy energetic dog and he goes on long walks and goes to doggie day care usually 1-2 days per week. At day care he plays with lots of other dogs. He has all his shots/vaccines that the vet recommended including kennel cough. Two days ago, after he...
  3. Cold or foxtail or allergies?!!

    Dog Health
    So I have a chihuahua-golden-lab dog, and he's around 8-9 years old. Yesterday afternoon, he started having random sneeze attacks... like he would sneeze 7x in a row and then 4x or he wouldn't sneeze for a while, and then randomly sneeze here and there. He rarely ever sneezes, so I'm taking this...
  4. HELP - Sneezing Corgi

    Dog Health
    My corgi keeps sneezing (sometimes many times in a row, sometimes a couple times per hour). I took him to the vet (twice) and they said I could give him benadryl, they were very unhelpful. Benadryl hardly helps. He is short and when he sneezes his nose slams into the floor. I hold him in my...