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  1. Husky Dog Play on Snow First 1/8 Slow Motion for Samsung Note 4

    Dog Pictures and Videos I just brought a new Samsung Note 4 and tried out the 1/8 slow motion video. Looks pretty good. Hope you like this clip. Have a good night! HuskyMax
  2. Underwater Dog Drinking in Slow Motion

    General Dog Discussion
    Here's what it's like from underwater when my GSP is drinking in slow motion. I think it looks pretty awesome!
  3. Iggy, the dog that dreams to fly.

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi Everyone! I would like to introduce my "thousend milk" bardino, Iggy, she is 1 yeasr old, very playful and noble. I hope you like the video I made with her :) (music is mine too). Cheers!!