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skin rash

  1. Strange skin condition

    Dog Health
    Hey Guys! I'm new here and english is not my native language, so i apologise for any incorrect words. I really need some help. I have a 5 year old neutered mix dog. On tuesday night i discovered a strange rash-like thing on my dogs head. Only one. Next evening there were a lot more over his...
  2. Our dog just died and now the others REALLY gettin sick

    Dog Health
    Ok this is a big one and an unhappy one so if you dont wana be sad dont read :( We work for a rescue and transported a dog called Ronnie (Bull Terrier) to a home but when we got there the people weren't right for the dog he got really stressed so we took him home. We didnt want him because we...
  3. Strange Skin Rash (not for the faint hearted)

    Dog Health
    I know I m not supposed to ask for a diagnosis or miracle cure here but I m hoping maybe someone out there has seen this rash before and knows the reason for it and maybe something that might give some relief to my poor pup (she is twelve years old). this skin rash developed over a few days...