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skin problems

  1. My dog has alopecia and he takes medication but nothing has helped him!! please help

    Dog Health
    Our 5-year-old Black shorthaired dachshund has Alopecia. or so we think, we took him to a specialist and they gave us medication to help prevent and treat his skin and it worked for a couple of months but then when we ran out of his medication and couldn't get a new prescription for a couple of...
  2. English Bulldog Bald Spots

    Dog Health
    Hi, We need help! Our English bulldog went to the ER vet because he was balding in different spots. He has also had a history of chronic ear infections. This isn’t the first time the bald spots have happened but this has been the worst. In the past the vet would give him antibiotics and send...
  3. What skin problem does my dog have? Please hurry!

    Dog Health
    Since I got her over 3 years ago, she's always had sensitive skin, but as time goes on it seems to be getting worse and worse. The hair at the tip of her tail is falling out to the point that it's almost completely gone, and she seems to be shedding more than usual. In between her claws/toes...
  4. Need help identifying skin problem on my dog.

    Dog Health
    Hello, I have a 3 year old Silver Lab named Ellie. She has always had skin issues like very thin hair, bald spots and scabs. Over the past year her skin has continued to get worse. We have taken her to the vet and he prescribed her medicine for hypothyroid. These pills have seemed to help her...
  5. Skin rash with open lesions and high fever

    Dog Health
    Hello, My border collie/husky pound puppy came down with a 106 degree fever last night and her skin was sensitive to the touch. Upon inspection of her back she had lots of red bumps and a few open wounds. She was not scratching anything at this point and I had given her a good rub down the...
  6. My Great Dane has a few yucky skin issues

    Dog Health
    I have a four year old Great Dane, with several skin issues. To start off, she's had issues with her chin (?) area. These have been here for a while, the skin is pretty yucky and she used to try to itch it, but has generally stopped in the last few months. I didn't ever think it was anything too...
  7. Oily Seborrhea - good shampoo advice needed

    Dog Health
    Greetings! I have an English Springer Spaniel who is seven years old. We have been struggling with seborrhea for a long time. Right now he is having a flare but I don't want to take him to the vet because the meds they have given him don't work at all. They just cure any secondary infection he...
  8. Doxie Skin Issues Any one seen this before?

    Dog Health
    My mini doxie has black skin spots on her chest and my vet is stumped has anyone seen any thing like this?[/ATTACH]
  9. Possible solutions for unexplained itching above the tail

    Dog Health
    I have a Shih Tzu that is a little over a year old. He has been neutered, and he is groomed every six weeks or so. He's about nine pounds, and is fed a rotation of wet and dry food, with plenty of treats in between. He tends to get himself dirty and gross, so he is normally bathed every three...