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skin problem

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    Hello, for the last few days my dog at home has this skin problem. What is the cause and solution? He is a indie pariah dog, about seven years old neutered male. Thanks
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    Hello everyone, I would like to share and ask for advice re. a recurring skin rash that my 4 year old husky has been having in the past 6 months or so. I have taken him to the vet twice. The first time he was treated with antibiotics (Vet thought he had a bacterial skin infection) and the...
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    Hello I noticed my puppers itching this today, when I looked I was a little shocked! I have never had any issues with her skin and I hope this is nothing serious :( Any advice on what direction to take?
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    Hello, I'm trying to rehabilitate a border collie that the owners had apparently given up on. He has significant hair loss redness on his belly dry skin and a bad smell (like cheese or bad Doritos). He is constantly shedding gobs of hair and dry skin is falling off his body. I really would...
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    Hi my daughters maltipoo went to groomers about 8 weeks ago and we began noticing a spot behind front leg -it is about a 2" circle, most of the hair is gone,sorta has some little black dots, looks like burnt hair follicles Does anybody know what skin problem this could be?