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skin conditions

  1. Itchy Bumps & Hairloss ?

    Dog Health
    Hello, I am new here ... Created Account to mabie see if i can get any help with my dogs skin problem.:ponder: She has pimple-like bumps but you cannot squeeze them they are hard ( no actual fluid ) She is verry itchy (but has no fleas) her skin is flaky and she has mild hairloss and a funny...
  2. New "sensitive" dietary issue

    Dog Food
    Hi all! So if you read my other thread, about figuring out how to firm up Cobber's poop, you'll know I've started him on a white-fish-and-brown-rice limited-ingredient kibble. I just started adding it yesterday into the boiled burger and rice I'd been feeding since last week. Prior to that, he...
  3. Odd growth on bottom of paw

    Dog Health
    Our 9 month old corgi began limping today after a weekend with my parents. When we looked at her paw there was an odd looking growth and redness right next to the pad. The growth is shown in the picture below (sorry for the huge size). We looked on other forums and the only thing we could find...
  4. Pustules on nose , any advice?

    Dog Health
    Hi there folks , my siberian husky cuba (bitch) has in the last 3 days developed some bumps on her face which started above her eye and then on her cheek which never burst , but now her nose has a lot of them on it which she has scratched and have burst and are bleeding there seemed to be a...
  5. What products do you use for dogs with sensitive skin?

    Dog Grooming
    Hi, I'm Sian from D-10 and I'm new to the forum. I'm just wondering what products owners use for their pets who have sensitive or dry skin! Do you have any tips or home remedies? Thanks! Sian :D
  6. My puppy has been throwing up and a bald spot

    Dog Health
    I have a 7 month old coon hound mix puppy. She has a sensitive stomach and throws up from any new foods and from the car so I am used to her throwing up. Her vet isn't open today and she woke up at 6 am this morning and vomited 9 times, basically until she has not food left in her. She then...
  7. Diagnosis for skin problems

    Dog Health
    It's been 6 - 9 months that we've been battling a variety of skin problems with our mix breed lab. We have been back and forth to Vet Dermatologists and he's had bacteria infections and yeast infections in ears, groin, and anal area. The area around the eyes has become infected and is the...
  8. Skin Allergies? - Australian Shephard Mix

    Dog Health
    Hello, I recently adopted an australian shephard mix from the pound. He was 3 months old when we got him, and had some kind of horrible skin condition. He had crusty abrasions on his ears, elbows, and paws. His original vet thought he had a corn allergy, so we put him on duck and potato...