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skin condition

  1. Histiocytomas (Tumors) All Over Young Husky. Biopsy and Pictures.

    Dog Health
    Hello Everyone, Thank you all in advanced for reading and responding. Let's get right into it. Not sure my vet knows what is going on, neither do we. We would appreciate some help. Dog: - Husky Mix (Mostly Husky) - 3 Years Old - Male (Neutered) - South Florida Region - Overweight - Genetic...
  2. My dog has these sores on her nose

    Dog Health
    A few days ago, I noticed this glossy spot on my dog's nose. Yesterday, it was pink and looked sore (I'm guessing she scratched or licked off the spot). Then, while I was trying to take a picture, I noticed this area under her nose that looks inflamed. I don't know if that's what it always...
  3. black spot on my dog's tail

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone, my name is christina and i'm new to this forum, i'm posting here because for a while now my dog oreo, he's a 14 yr old shih tzu has had a bald spot on his tail with a black bump or spot and i'd like to know your opinion on it, i don't expect anyone to have the exact answer for...
  4. Hard, Crusty Hair-Help?

    Dog Health
    Recently, my doberman Nike got spayed. I noticed awhile ago that she was starting to get crust & papules on her skin with little tufts of hair. The vet said she had mild pyroderma and suggested her to take Cephalexin after she is healed from her spay surgery. A couple days after, I began to...