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skin and coat

  1. Any guesses on what my doggo might have??? Skin issues.

    Dog Health
    My schnauzer is 10 y/o and he’s starting to have these rough patches on his skin. He started biting down on one of them recently non stop. The area is now red with no fur. He has some black spots all over his skin but those have been appearing as he’s gotten older. I’m more concerned about the...
  2. weird mass on boxers armpit

    Dog Health
    I just noticed a weird circular mass on my 6 month old boxer puppy. Has anyone seen anything like this? He was chasing bees yesterday so I wonder if its a sting? Or something more serious... I plan on calling my vet but thought I'd ask here now just to see if anyone has seen anything like it.
  3. Odd growth (cutaneous horn?)

    Dog Health
    Hello! First time poster here. I’ve recently discovered a strange hard object sticking out of my 10 year old cockapoo’s back, near the base of his tail. I thought it was a tick, but on closer inspection it seems more akin to a giant blackhead. He didn’t care if you touched it, but got mad when I...
  4. Can someone help me identify what this may be?

    Dog Health
    Hi! Need some advice. These started popping up within the last few days on my pup. They are only on her legs and in the "armpit" and groin area. I'm not sure what they are at all. Nothing has really changed in her diet but she was at a friend's place and ended up getting fleas from their dogs...
  5. Weird bumps under fur

    Dog Health
    Tonight I noticed small bumps under the fur on the loose skin of my German Shorthaired pointers necks. They're weird bumps, some smaller than others and they're in the same place on both of my dogs. Looking through the fur, the skin on them looks slightly pink. They don't seem to bother them...
  6. Itchy Bumps & Hairloss ?

    Dog Health
    Hello, I am new here ... Created Account to mabie see if i can get any help with my dogs skin problem.:ponder: She has pimple-like bumps but you cannot squeeze them they are hard ( no actual fluid ) She is verry itchy (but has no fleas) her skin is flaky and she has mild hairloss and a funny...
  7. Dog Health Supplement

    Dog Health
    I have a very picky lab that has very sensitive skin and stomach. I show horses and found out that one of my favorite companies also makes dog supplements. I urge everyone to go and check out these canine products! They are affordable and truly help with their skin, coat, stomachs, immune...
  8. Has anyone used True-Dose Skin & Coat?

    Dog Grooming
    True-Dose Skin & Coat is said to help prevent and manage shedding, excessive scratching, avoid a dull and dry coat, control itchy hot spots, dermatitis and skin allergies. Its a natural pet supplement that you spray on your dog's food. I'd like to try it. Please share your experience. Here is...