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  1. Mickey and I Checking Messages!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Happy New Year from us, Mickey & Jermaine! But don't just have a great year...make it one! :) <-- Check it out!
  2. He Still Won't Fetch, Ha!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hey Everyone! Wanted to share a video of my spaniel NOT fetching, haha! <--Check it out! Enjoy :)
  3. My Springer Spaniel is an Instrument!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hey everyone, just thought I'd share my springer spaniel Mickey is more than just a dog...he's an instrument! Let us know what ya think! ~Mickey & Jermaine
  4. Funny Music Sketch with Mickey

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    A funny music sketch with my springer spaniel, Mickey called Fed Up, check it out :) ~Mickey & Jermaine
  5. drawings of dogs

    Dog Art
    here are some drawings of dogs i drew this one is a springer spaniel this one are of two dachshunds this one is of scamp off of Lady and the Tramp II this one is of a jack russel terrier please comment and put your input on my pics