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  1. How does the food change the poop?

    Dog Food
    Hi all, new to this forum, I was just wondering about how the food changes the poop, and what are your experiences with different foods, at the moment my two dogs, a border collie and a sproodle are both on Kirkland own brand kibble, the border collie poops 2-3 times a day but the consistency...
  2. Shih tzu size. Is it normal?

    New Additions
    Hi, I got a shih tzu puppy and its 7 weeks old now, turning 8 by July 21. I'm just worried on its size because it is too small compared to its siblings. This puppy is 5 inches in body not it including the head and it weighs just 1pound. Is this normal? Thanks
  3. Psych Service Dog - Boxer or toy breed?

    Working Dogs
    Hi there! I'm in the beginning stages of searching for my first psychiatric service dog and am trying to decide on what size breed I should go with. We currently have a boxer who has the perfect temperament for this sort of job, but is too old to start training. If I go with a larger breed, they...
  4. Profile picture never small enough to upload Tech Support
    I cannot figure out how to upload an avatar/profile pic. It says max 200px wide and long and 24kb. Well no matter how small I make my pictures, even if I make them 100px per side or even smaller, I cannot end up with a jpg image that is less than 24kb, and I think this is the reason the page...
  5. Can you tell how big this puppy will be as an adult?

    New Additions
    Hello. Im currently looking for a puppy and i have my heart set on this little guy. (photo attached) I don't want a giant dog but i have no idea about dog breeds and no clue how big this puppy will be. I only know he is a Kelpie cross AND i have a photo of the mother/father. (photos attached)...
  6. What size will this puppy become?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello:) I decided to adopt a dog and I've been in touch with a local shelter. I fell in love with this little girl she has the hugest ears :D She's around 3 months old now. They said she will be medium sized. I know it's difficult to tell from photos but from your experience how big you think...
  7. Breeder lied about my dogs breed. What could she be?

    Dog Breeds
    I bought this puppy and was told she was a maltipoo. She was 3.6 pounds at 9 weeks. However she is 17 pounds and 4 months old according to the birthdate (that I was told) so I'm pretty sure they lied. Someone told me she looks like a lab but I think she is still a bit too small to be a lab. Can...
  8. GSD American Pitbull Terrier cross

    New Additions
    I rescued this 'free' puppy about 3 weeks ago and since then she's cost me a couple bucks, even though the former owner reassured she's in good health. Anyway, the previous owner told me she's half German Shepherd and rednose pit but I'm not sure. I was wondering if anyone else has this mix dog...
  9. What breed is my puppy and how big should he be?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi! I just got a puppy four days ago. He is supposedly a husky/shepherd mix but he doesn't look much like either of the two breeds, so I was wondering if anyone could help me tell what breed he is so I know how to feed him/take care of him better. We were told that his mom was a husky and...
  10. I've always wondered...(about dogs' faces)

    General Dog Discussion
    I've noticed that dogs' faces seem to vary in size ... obviously.. but I mean that even within breeds, there is a great spectrum of face shapes. Sometimes (even in purebred dogs) I notice that the muzzle seems small in comparison with others. I've always favored dogs with larger muzzles.. and I...