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  1. Rehomed puppy died suddenly-advice on why this could've happened

    Dog Health
    Almost two weeks ago I rehomed an 8 week old dachshund puppy. Today I received a call that he died suddenly this morning. They said he had been fine, healthy, eating well. He threw up last night. They changed his food yesterday. And, they noticed a worm last night (he said he thinks roundworm)...
  2. My dog keeps throwing up every few days

    Dog Health
    Hello, I am very curious right now because my dog keeps throwing up all the time. I feel bad because being sick is horrible and my dog suffers from it every few days, we've taken my dog to the vet for check ups, his ears & more. They have said he is healthy. And I believe that, In his 'spare...
  3. HELP!!! Puppy Mill Puppy about to DIE

    Dog Health
    Hi Everyone, I need to reach out to anyone I can at this point because my short-tempered friend from the Navy has returned his 9 week old puppy. Now he got his puppy from a place called Barkworks in Brea,CA that has lawsuits and petitions against them because they get their puppies from Puppy...
  4. Snorting/coughing

    Dog Health
    I have a poochon, I normal do not buy crossbreeds becuase I show and breed and they would kinda be useless to me but I fell in love with her she was the runt of the litter weighinh 4oz at birth she is now 4 pounds and her brother is almost 9 pounds... But eariler this year I heard her start to...