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  1. Introductions
    Hi everyone I'm 21 I live in Dublin, Ireland with my 3 year old son and my 10 week old ,Siberian Husky/ Samoyed Pup, Pumba. Isn't he a beauty? :p
  2. Puppy Help
    Please help :( My siberian husky pup (5.5 months old) has somehow hurt her rear left leg. I think it's because she took a sharp turn whilst playing with a lab on the field and pulled a muscle. The strange thing is that the few days following the accident she didn't limp as much as she does...
  3. General Dog Discussion
    Hello, I have a three month-old Siberian husky puppy. She is housebroken, knows her name and listens to some basic commands and is generally a total sweetheart. She has a dominant personality - both when she's interacting with other dogs and people. I never saw her roll over for any dog, even...
  4. General Dog Discussion
    YouTube - 666hades666's Channel ^ I'm talking about the black dog on the left in that video. I've always assumed he is a wooly husky. My inbox keeps getting bombarded from people saying that he is not a wooly husky, but a Finnish Lapphund. I have papers saying their parents are both Siberian...
1-4 of 4 Results