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  1. New Dogs and Puppies
    I just adopted two 4 year old Boston Terriers. One of them was a show dog. The previous owner had them since they were puppies. I had a Boston Terrier for 12 years that recently passed away. Lugnut was very playful and loved to fetch. These 2 new dogs aren't interested in playing or fetching at...
  2. Dog Shows
    I'd love to see some lovely sighthound show pics. In the ring, stacks, trots, anything. Or lure coursing! And if you don't mind; their registered names and titles as well. I love looking into pedigrees. This is ZA CH Fleetwind High Roller as a junior Pedigree
  3. Dog Breeds
    I have a border collie with a beautiful temperament, well behaved, active and would make a great mum She's slender, medium hair, athletic looking and athletic. She has a stunning shiny double coat with waves which I haven't seen in many dogs. I am looking to breed her and the border collies...
  4. Dog Shows
    i found this video online, i think it's a show where they put up web videos on their website regarding different types of dog activities. they did an episode on Show Dogs and I thought i would share it in this thread! take a look, it might be fun to watch! Best In Show – The Pet Network
  5. Dog Gear and Supplies
    My GSP girl has a bald section on her throat from her collars rubbing her. They are not too tight, all are fit with about 2 fingers space. At home we have an electronic dog door so the cat cant escape so she has to wear a collar for the door "key". I work in a dog shop and she is with me...
1-5 of 5 Results