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  1. Hello! Shiba Inu owner checking in.

    Hello, all! I’m Lacey. In November I picked up my Shiba Inu puppy Yokai from the breeder when she was 2 months old. As a first time dog owner, I was surprised by how much work goes into raising a puppy, but I have also enjoyed the challenge. Yokai is now 4.5 months old and is the light of my...
  2. Made a video showing my Shiba Inu!

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  3. Shiba Inu and Pit Bull

    New Additions
    Hello all, my apologies if this is the wrong place on the forum to put this. This is my first time using this. My family and I just took home a Pit Bull puppy around two weeks ago. She had recently turned 6 months April 1st. She's been great so far. She has some typical puppy problems like...
  4. What is this breed of dog? Shiba Inu Mix?

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    I am very desperate to know the breed of this dog! It looks absolutely adorable. Attached are three pictures of the dog!
  5. Tips for a First Time Shiba Inu Owner?

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    I'm a fairly experienced dog owner, but my husband has not. We're getting a shiba inu in a few months and it's his dog. I've read that it's not a first time owner kind of dog, but I feel like my husband can adjust well seeing as he's not the only parent this puppy's going to have. I was...
  6. [Shiba Inu] Sleeping Pills for U.S Independence Day?

    Dog Health
    My dog has seizures , a lot, on fourth of July. (Because of the very loud fireworks) trying to isolate her physically from the sound is impossible in my house and in this neighborhood, are there any medications (pill form or injections) I can give to her at home just to make her sleep for 12-16...
  7. Help Me My dog has tarter

    Dog Grooming
    Hi everyone, I have a Shiba Inu and he is three years old. He has recently been to the vet and they spotted some tarter on his teeth. They recommended that I bring him in and they would put him under some anesthesia. There must be a simpler way! Does anyone have any pointers on brushing teeth...
  8. The Shiba Inu/German Shephard Mix?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello, we just adopted this precious angel from our neighbors who cannot keep her. They got her from a local shelter a few weeks ago but she needs more time and play and space to run than they can give her. They aren't sure what breed she is. She looks like a Shiba Inu/German Shephard Mix...
  9. What breeds is my dog?

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    So I recently made the trip to the Boulder Valley Humane Society and left with a beautiful puppy named Farrah. At the shelter they said she was a german sheperd mix. Well I've had many people asking what else she might have in her. She literally looks like a mix between a fox and a coyote...
  10. Suddenly Blind in One Eye

    Dog Health
    Okay, so I haven't been able to get on here because of computer issues but I finally fixed my laptop. For those of you who don't know: Moko is a nine (almost ten) year old Shiba Inu rescued about a year ago. Background to the problem: It was awfully sunny outside and while feeding Moko I...
  11. Considering Getting a Shiba Inu, Advice from Owners?

    Dog Breeds
    I've been tossing the idea around in my head of getting a Shiba Inu and basically I want to know how they behave and if they'll do well in a warm climate. I've watched almost every video on YouTube about Shibas and I've read several articles about them and stuff but I'd rather hear it from an...
  12. Am I Doing This Right?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So even though I told the lady who was giving away her breeding Shiba's that I have two cats and a bird she gave me the one who is 'jealous' of cats and loves to kill mice. She resource guards me against the cats (growls then lunges) and gets frustrated when she can hear but can't see the bird...