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  1. Jumping with Hip Dysplasia

    Dog Health
    Hello, my sister has a young German Shepherd (a year and a few months) and the vet said that he has hip dysplasia. I've only received this information second-hand, so I don't know exactly what the vet said. He is inbred because the breeding was an accident. A lot of what I've researched on hip...
  2. What do you think? - our shepherd mix

    Dog Breeds
    Hi everyone. New here. We rescued a shepherd mix 3 months ago. He was a stray and we don't know much about his background. He has settled in very well. We are very curious about what his other breeds are. We are assuming mostly German shepherd? Wondering what you all think! A link with pictures...
  3. What breed is my dog?

    New Additions
    Attached is a picture of my new puppy, I recently adopted him from New Mexico. I believe he is majority German Shepherd but I would love your thoughts. He is about 3 1/2 months old and 15 pounds though still a little underweight. Sorry about the rotated picture.
  4. A Shepherd dog lover picked a Belgian Malinois (First timer)

    Dog Breeds
    Hi guys, Im jhay, and my Malinois name is Chloe.. I signed up to this forum to see if someone could help me or teach me something about belgian malinois breed.. I am more concern about her weight gain per age at the moment, because she just got her 1st vaccine at 6 weeks old.. Any replies are...
  5. Belgian Shepherd Owners?

    General Dog Discussion
    Out of all of the Belgian Shepherd varieties, the Tervuren Shepherd or Groenendaels Shepherd both struck me the most as a dogs that may fit into my future lifestyle. I'm not planning on getting another dog for another year or two, but I've been looking into some breeds that might align with my...
  6. New Member with a New Rescue and some Hilarious DNA results!

    New Additions
    Well, my name is Will, and I adopted a "Shepherd Mix" named Alpha when he was 9 weeks old. Although we knew he was Shepherd (thinking Dutch) we decided to get him a DNA test to be sure, and I'm glad I have a good sense of humor, because if not- I would be pretty mad right now. Apparently...
  7. Need Help Australian Golden Living Together

    General Dog Discussion
    My sister got a divorce and no longer can keep her 3 year old Australian Shepherd German Shepherd mix because she has to move. Dog is about 100 LB. I would like to take in dog but live on smaller property were dog will now be often be fenced in to go to bathroom. Before he had effective electric...
  8. "Puppy" won't eat dog food

    Dog Food
    I have a 7 month old doberman shepherd, and she is a great, very active puppy! Full of energy, and always in a good mood. However, ever since I've adopted her, about two weeks ago, she hasn't ate any of the dog food that I have got her. Ive tried several different brands and types, she doesn't...
  9. Video of Luna and Haans

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    I wanted to take the oportunity to share some of the videos Amber and I have taken of the pups. Haans and Luna are brother and sister. Haans has hydrocephalus, which has left him mentally and physically stunted. He is a sweetheart though. Here is a playlist of all the videos...
  10. Two females getting along together - need advice.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi dog lovers! On my property a female gave birth (3 years ago) to about 6 cups while it was a construction site. Five of them were adopted by the workers. One female puppy was very shy and scared (when somebody was touching her she was running and crying) - she is antisocial from birth i could...
  11. Guess the breed please

    New Additions
    This is my 9 week (today) old rescue sandy. She was described as a mastiff/German shepherd mix but we have been told by a few people that have seen her she looks pretty small for a mastiff mix. Do you think her description fits her or do you have any guesses you would like to share. I included a...
  12. Introducing dog to friends

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Yesterday, Molly (G. Shepherd) met a friend of mine when I took him out back to see her. Right away she began barking at him and running away, which she normally doesn't do with new people. Eventually I gave my friend Molly's favorite ball and told him to offer it to her and after about 10 min...
  13. Only potties outside while attended

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We recently took in a pure bred female German shepherd. She is spayed and 8 months old. Still in much need of basic command training. She is extremely affectionate but has size awareness issues. Previous owner took her to work with him every day so she was rarely home alone in her crate. My main...
  14. What is my dog mixed with?

    Dog Breeds
    My dog, Jaeger, is almost a year old now. I was hoping to know what his dad was by now. His mom was a German Shepherd, but I am having trouble figuring out what he is mixed with. He almost looks like a mini GSD x) I included a picture from when he was a little puppy, and something more recent...
  15. Shepherd/Lab/Husky Mix Revistited

    Dog Breeds
    Hello All, We were trying to identify our dog and came across this old thread: We wanted to post pictures of our shepherd/lab/husky mix but unfortunately the thread was closed so we wanted to bring it back to life by...
  16. From Ontario. :)

    I decided since I was part of bird and rat forums I should come here since I'm mother to two amazing dogs. They're mother and daughter. Nitrous is my Whippet / Shepherd Lab (3rd gen.) who is quirky and lively for a 5 1/2 year old! She's a chocolate colour with shepherd and lab markings and a...
  17. Bump on dog's nose?

    Dog Health
    Hello, We have a 4 1/2 year old lab mix named Ruca. I recently noticed a bump on the "bridge" of her nose. At first, I questioned whether or not the bump had always been there, because it is quite subtle. But it's been a couple of days, and I keep noticing it, which leads me to believe it has...
  18. White spots on eyes

    Dog Health
    My 3 1/2 yrs old shepherd mix has white spots on both of her eyes and they seem to be getting worse over time, the spots seem to affect her vision and it looks like scar tissue. Does anyone else know what this might be? Any input will be helpful.