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  1. Help Identifying Adorable Husky Mix

    Dog Breeds
    Hi! I am new here and in the process of rescuing Klaus, the adorable pup in attached pictures. He's still on quarantine after being rescued from an out of state kill shelter so no vet has been able to examine him yet. Workers at the shelter are estimating him around 1 and say he is mostly...
  2. Help figuring out new rescues breed

    Dog Breeds
    Hi all! So we recently rescued this little girl. The shelter said they believed she might be GSD mix. We are unsure and are looking for some opinion and advice as to what breed she might be. We have a bigger dog who is a Rottweiler Collie mix and just want to have an idea of her potential size...
  3. Puppy opens mouth towards everything

    New Additions
    Hi everyone, So I have a 12 week old Aussy Shepherd cross (lab/hhusky) She is a beautiful puppy, We love her to death! Her bite inhibition is FANTASTIC! I did the "Ouch"/ignore trick to get her to stop actually biting. But now she just opens her mouth wide and tries to put your hand in her...
  4. Hello :) I'm new to Dog Forum

    Hello :D My name is Brie. I am new to Dog Forum, but not new to dogs. I've grown up with dogs. I've had over 6 dogs in my life :) And my gf and I adopted a 5 month German Shepherd/ Boxer mix ( we think she is boxer cause she's got those boxer teeth and a few other people think so too) yesterday...
  5. Recent stiffness in my dogs legs...young dog

    Dog Health
    What are some reasons as to why my 2 year old, 68 pound shepherd/hound mix would have stiffness in her legs. It hurts her to sit down and lay down. If she does lay down, she does it very slowly and looks uncomfortable. What could be wrong? Thank you
  6. Trying to figure out what mix our new pooch is

    Dog Breeds
    Hi I'm new here, and my fiancee and I adopted a pup about 2 weeks ago. She's a mix breed but we don't know what she is a mix of. We're sure she has some kind of shepherd in her but we don't know what else. She is currently about 8 months old and is just shy of 20lbs with an estimated adult...