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  1. Dog giving cold shoulder but wants attention

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Guap (sheltie2.5yo) - Our relationship needs rebuilding. In the last year I’ve undergone a divorce, quit my job at failing company, moved to a different state, etc. Lots of enormous changes. My dog, Guap, has done extremely well considering all that has happened. We use to live in a house with...
  2. Dog got fat because of broken shoulder =( HELP!

    i need help getting my sheltie to lose some weight. He broke his shoulder two years ago and since he's been kinda lazy (with good reason) but hes weighing in at about 45 pounds, the vet wants him to be down 5-10lbs. now he can walk and run short distances so i make sure we try and get exercise...
  3. Identify My dog

    Dog Breeds
    Help me identify my mutt :) 17 pounds 1 year Tri-colored Could only add one pic
  4. Sheltie, not eating by self and hardly drinking on own, issues causing experience?

    Dog Health
    Hello all. It's been a month since my sheltie became sick and am hoping someone out there might have gone through this experience and found a solution. Here is a brief timeline. Nov. 24 - signs of a cough Nov. 25 - thought something stuck in throat. Seems to be more of a cough. Took to vet...
  5. Hello, New Member!

    Hi all! I came across this forum a few days ago and after lurking a bit I've finally decided to join and introduce myself. This summer I was finally able to get my very first dog, a Shetland Sheepdog, Riley and haven't looked back since! Dogs really are like potato chips and all the doggy pics...