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  1. Questionare for Dog website

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello, I am doing a project for my project management class and need a few people to complete a quesitonaire for a dog website. The quesitons are as follows: 1. Have you ever adopted a dog online? If yes, on a scale of 1 to 10, how useful was the site? With 10 being extermely useful. 2. With...
  2. New Member: Ashley and Diamond from Sitting for a Cause

    Hi everyone! My name is Ashley and my dog's name is Diamond. Together we run Sitting for a Cause, a pet sitting company that gives 50% of it's profits to help homeless pets. We believe that the only acceptable euthanasia rate in the US is 0% and we want to do our part to help save the 3-4...
  3. Please take a moment to sign and share petition!!!!!

    Dog News
    The link to the other white house petition is on the news feed of this petition. Please sign and share both...
  4. Fred's New Brother

    Roger says, "Hello." Yesterday, my fiance` and I decided that his kitten, which we adopted in January, needed a friend. My cats are 13 & 8, so they don't play. Fred wants to play, but he's having trouble with that whole "cats and dogs play differently" thing. So, we decided to head to one of...
  5. Trouble Finding a Dog. :/

    New Additions
    Well I've been looking for a dog to add to my family. I want an older large breed puppy actually. The trouble is, I've been searching for a dog on Craigslist because I find it's an easier way to find older puppies, and at the local Humane Society. The Humane Society seems to be filled with...
  6. 5 Days To Live - SB250 (california bill)

    General Dog Discussion
    Did you know that when a pet is taken to a shelter, it's typically given only 5 business days to live? In other words, dogs and cats that are caught and impounded, or given to the shelter by their owner, have 5 days to be adopted, otherwise they're euthanized. Each year $250,000,000.00 is...