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  1. Can you believe I'm deaf with such big ears?!

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    Hi Everyone! This is my dog, Indie, that I adopted last year. She was rescued from a hoarding situation in NV where food was very limited. Dogs would fight over food, and since Indie is deaf, she was attacked repeatedly when she didn't hear another dog coming. In spite of it all, she has turned...
  2. shelter dogs

    Hi everyone! I found this place on accident, and I'm happy to be here. I am the proud mama of an almost 12 year old American Eskimo who is slightly neurotic and completely devoted and loving. We've had him since birth, as we were fostering his pregnant mama through the local animal shelter...
  3. update on shaking puppy (kind of long)

    Dog Health
    I'm not sure if many of you got to my original post about our puppy shaking, but i wanted to give an update along with my little piece about the whole thing... we decided to take him to the vet bc it was getting pretty bad, when we got there our vet saw him and the concern on her face worried...