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  1. Labradoodle flat coat puppy

    Puppy Help
    I’m looking at a labradoodle puppy and am curious how much she will shed. i know that with a coat resembling the lab more than the poodle (she’s F2 generation) she’ll shed more than if she had more poodle type hair, but do I expect her to shed as much as a lab? How much less? Will hair be...
  2. HELP! Scruffy fur

    Dog Grooming
    Okay, read the not shedding entries. I live in NC. Yes, weather has been more than strange. Went from Winter to Winter/Spring/Summer depending on the day. Wettest Winter ever, but mostly rain. Very little snow. The point is, dogs are barely shedding. The Berner/Aussie mix- 10 year old female...
  3. Asking for advice about choosing a puppy

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello all, this is my first post on dog forum, apologies in advance if this post is lengthy. I would like to ask for some advice/suggestions regarding dog breeds because I am about to embark on the journey of raising a new puppy into a loving companion. Here are a few details about my...
  4. Any tips for insane shedding?

    Dog Grooming
    Hello. I own a German Shepherd dog who sheds insane amounts over spring and summer until it starts to get cold again. I was hoping you guys could give me some tips as to how I can cut down on her shedding a little bit? I know brushing helps and I do brush her but the fur is still insane.
  5. Hair Loss in Golden Retriever

    Dog Health
    Hi All, I have a 1 year old female Golden and in the past three weeks, she has lost a significant amount of hair on her back and hind legs. I took her to the vet last week and they charged me $150 to give her antibiotics and fish oil to put in her food. I have not been too pleased with them and...
  6. Extreme shedding from labrador-pointer puppy

    Dog Health
    Hi all, I adopted a black labrador pointer puppy when he was about 4 months old and he is now 6,5 months old. And since I got him: he is shedding like crazy. I mean, after some hours the floor looks like it hasnt been vacuumed in two weeks. It stresses me soo much because I hate dirty floors...
  7. Shedding Problem Season?

    Dog Grooming
    It comes a shedding season for pets? So any good ways to solve this problems? I usually used deshedding tool.
  8. Seeking tips for short hair grooming

    Dog Grooming
    My dog is a beagle/dachshund mix and he has short black hair. He is an inside/outside dog and loves his cuddles. I haven't had too many problems with him before as far as grooming (he just got regular baths) but now he seems to shed everywhere. I'm constantly having to pick small black hair off...
  9. Shedding ... Pekingese vs Japanese Chin vs Tibetan Spaniel

    Dog Breeds
    For owners of any of the following breeds, which sheds the least? - Pekingese - Japanese Chin - Tibetan Spaniel * I have a small apartment, and am happy to brush the dog daily. :D However, I do not want my entire apartment to be constantly covered with fur... thoughts?
  10. Best apartment dog out of these....

    Dog Breeds
    I have been doing some research for an ideal apartment dog. I live alone, work freelance (so I do the majority of my work from home), have no kids or other pets, and live in a city area (my apartment allows dogs, is ground-level, and there is a dog park 2 blocks away). I am looking for a dog...
  11. Boyfriend is Allergic to Dogs! Help!

    General Dog Discussion
    My boyfriend is allergic to dogs, but I can't live without one and we live together in an apartment. We're not huge fans of most of the breeds that claim to be "hypoallergenic." Ideally we'd like something medium sized with short hair, a sweet disposition, and not high energy. How can we get...
  12. I can't decide which dog to get! (Help wanted)

    Hello! I've been wanting a dog and would like to adopt a rescue but i'm having the toughest time deciding which dog breed to go with. I'd like some help from people who have experience with multiple dog breeds. Here's what I'm looking for in a dog! If you know of a breed that fits these...
  13. My dog is shivering and shedding. Help!

    Dog Health
    Shirley is a 3 year old miniature poodle mix. Six days ago, I took her to the groomers since it was getting really hot where we lived and so the groomer can shave off the gunk from her past eye infection with ulceration. She went from having two inches of fur all around to near a buzz cut. Since...
  14. Lots of shedding/ unsure of breed/ Double coat?

    Dog Grooming
    My dog was thrown from a moving car downtown. I rescued him and followed the lady to a nearby restaurant. Turns out she paid a lot of money for a "Minnie Jack" ( a mix between a Min Pin and a JRT) that was supposed to be hypoallergenic or some other nonsense and she was angry that her daughters...
  15. How to keep your house clean when you have a shedding dog

    Dog Grooming
    Hi my name is Stephanie, I am going to have a new addition to our family in about 5 week from now. He is a Great Dane. And we are going to keep him inside but heard they shed A LOT. So how do I keep my house clean with not having fur everywhere and how do I keep it smelling GOOD!?? I want him...