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  1. Are infections from tooth abscesses contagious through water dishes?

    Dog Health
    Hey Everyone! I am visiting my parents house for Thanksgiving and I brought my dog, Jax. My parent's dog (skylar) has a chipped tooth that formed an abscess.. She as a dental appointment at the vet to get it taken care of early next week. Is is safe for Jax to drink water out of the same...
  2. Meet & HELP Save Blue, my Lovely Foster Pup!

    Hi everyone - so nice to meet all of you! Please take a few minutes to share and read Blue's story. Let's work together to save him! Edited by moderator to remove link to fundraising
  3. Sweet little Tino videos

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hi everyone! :) I´m brand new on this forums but i thought i would share a short clip of my dog Tino with all of you. He´s four years old and he shows in the clip how to sleep a bit more..strange way than the usual one. The clip is uploaded to youtube, therefore is the link directed to their...