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  1. Dog Grooming
    Though my Tessa is a mix, her coat is pretty much the short stuff of black Labs. I've read some folks say they never bathe their Labs, and others that they do it rarely. Tessa is mostly an outdoor dog, so I'm thinking a monthly to bi-monthly schedule may be required. Already after two weeks with...
  2. Dog Grooming
    We just got a new puppy and want to start our own product for her. Fully organic and made in the US. We have some options for our scents and wanted to do a poll and see what doggy lovers would prefer their dog to smell like: -Lavender -lemon grass -sweet orange -tea tree peppermint OR...
  3. Dog Grooming
    Scents and chemicals heavily bother me and I can't find a natural dog shampoo without essential oils so I have been only giving my dog water baths for a while and she smells great and is so soft but I feel really bad because I feel like she needs something to really cleanse her skin. I've washed...
  4. New Dogs and Puppies
    My 7 week old pup is having issues with dry skin. My vet recommended using oatmeal shampoo on him. I wanted to see if there were any particular brands of shampoo anyone has had success with for dry skin. Also, if there are any other remedies that have helped you, please let me know! Thanks :)
  5. Dog Grooming
    I have a 14 month old boston terrier with a lot of energy. I like taking him to the dog park and i'd probably talke him everyday if he didn't get so dirty. I don't care that he gets dirty. I just don't know about washing him everyday. We use "Hyliderm Shampoo" that we got from the vet. The...
  6. Dog Grooming
    Hi, I'm Sian from D-10 and I'm new to the forum. I'm just wondering what products owners use for their pets who have sensitive or dry skin! Do you have any tips or home remedies? Thanks! Sian :D
  7. General Dog Discussion
    hi! I just joined this forum but i've always googled and had really good answers from reading posts in this site. And i don't have a lot of friends or family that really own and know dogs. This is my first dog, her name is Peanut Butter. I got her 9 months ago from North Shore Animal...
1-7 of 9 Results