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  1. Working Dogs
    Hello! My name is Hannah, and I am wondering if a service dog would be a good fit for me. I struggle with OCD, hallucinations, delusions, and panic attacks. I will try my best to explain my difficulties to the best of my ability. With my OCD, I am constantly checking and hand washing to the...
  2. General Dog Discussion
    While completing my clinicals for occupational therapy school, I discovered how costly it is to purchase, own, and train service dogs. I began a petition to help patients who are lacking in funds but need a service animal. Could you please sign and SHARE this petition? Please see...
  3. Working Dogs
    i've been looking into a psychiatric service dog for a couple of weeks now, but a constant thought has been plaguing me. am i disabled enough? i have agoraphobia that is triggered by crowds, people getting close to me, the sound of a lot of people, etc. which usually triggers a panic attack or...
  4. Working Dogs
    If you have a disability and use a service dog, can health insurance cover a portion of the cost? Helpful guide for guidedog owners:
  5. Working Dogs
    Hello! So I recently got myself a dog and I want to make her so I can take her to school with me(I have mental illnesses a couple including chronic depression, social anxiety, and generalize anxiety) and I picked out a dog that would I think be very good at her job plus she is a GSD(if that...
1-5 of 5 Results