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  1. Severe separation anxiety chewing

    Dog Training and Behavior
    When my dog is left in her kennel she freaks out by pulling at the bars and escapes most times. Before i ever put her in the kennel i had her loose but i left her alone for 30 mins and i came back and the carpet was destroyed by my front door so i decided to kennel her. But today i found she had...
  2. Destructive Behavior due to Separation Anxiety

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We rescued a 4 year old lab/golden mix 6 months ago, to be a companion for our 8 year old doodle. They get along well, but Buddy (rescue dog) is not well behaved when we leave the house. He routinely pulls things off the counter, bookshelves, chews things, and is destructive. This behavior...