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  1. Senior dog now poops every time she’s in the car?

    Dog Health
    I have an 11 year old golden retriever. All her life she has been taking car rides at least a few times a year, to the groomer or the vet, vacations etc. The last two times I have taken her somewhere, she’s pooped in the car. This has never happened before in her life, even when she was a puppy...
  2. My senior pet wis getting grumpy

    Hi, how do you handle a pet that gets grumpy? :confused: I believe our Chow mix has been with us by around more or so 15 years and now that she's in here senior year years she's been getting grumpier and wouldn't like to take a bath.
  3. Adopted dog suddenly starts to pee at home

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello there! We are Conrad and Ken, with Conrad the human writing on our behalf. Ken is a shiba inu who got adopted from a local shelter at a senior age of 11. His previous family dumped him and I adopted him out of there about half a year later, in May 2018. For a while Ken had been pretty...
  4. Hello from New Jersey!!!

    Hi there critter parents, My name is Jen and my family adopted a beautiful boxer puppy about 10 years ago and a Pomeranian puppy about 1 year ago. My old boxer girl's name is Gigi and she's a gentle yet protective giant. She's starting to show her age these past few months, but is still as...
  5. Mean old dog soiling house

    I could use some advice on a situation with my older dog. He is a 12 year old dachshund. Lately, he pees in the house multiple times a day. This morning I came downstairs and stepped in his pee. When we came home tonight, he had peed twice on the floor. And finally, he peed on the carpet...
  6. Senior Rescue Dog

    General Dog Discussion
    For those of you that have rescued a senior dog, have you ever worried about not having enough time with them once their gone? I'm thinking about adopting a disabled senior dog, but fear that because they're getting old, I'm not going to have them for very long and would regret not being able to...
  7. Senior dog issues: mobility, potty habits

    Dog Health
    I've got a mini American Eskimo dog named Misty that's in her golden years. I'm not sure of her exact age because I don't know how old she was when I found her (she was a stray I took home), but I've had her for 14 years, so I'd say she's at least 15 or 16. She's having some health issues these...
  8. Introduction, question about a senior neglected dog

    New Additions
    Hi Friends, My name is Claire. I have a 2 year old Jindo/mix named Vader and we live in NJ. Vader is well trained, wonderful personality, overall sweet loving boy. We took in an 18 year old cat a few months ago, and they have become close. We enjoy playing, and every night love to lay by the...
  9. Older dog issue? or something else?

    Dog Health
    Hello all. I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion on this... About 4 months ago I adopted Tali, an (estimated) 8 year old husky. After being chained, starved and abused for many years, she was rescued and taken to an amazing group. When I adopted her, her teeth were terrible (I had them...
  10. Old cat but want to adopt

    New Additions
    Hi! I'm new, and this seemed like an appropriate forum to go for help. So I have a 12 year old cat who is VERY shy towards other people/animals. It took her almost a year to not run away from my old roommate's cat, though he was a bit of an a*hole. She's not aggressive though. Now I have been...
  11. Butt Problems - What Could It Be?

    Dog Health
    The first dog I have ever owned, Sophie (8-yr old Shih Tzu) has been living with my father for the past five years; I recently flew down to AZ to bring her back to Seattle in late June. Aside from the various health issues I knew we would need to address (e.g. desperately needed dental surgery -...
  12. Old Dog, New food for 3wks, still tummy trouble

    Dog Food
    My senior GSD--10 in November--has been on Kibbles 'n Bits for six years. I recently acquired him from my father and have switched him over to Bill Jac. He's been on it for about 3wks now but he's still reluctant to eat it. His bowel movements are still rather irregular and loose. He's also...