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  1. Dog Health and Food
    Hi there! I am looking to give my dog Benadryl to be able to trim his nails properly as well perform a dental clean, this brings a number of questions which I am trying to get some answers, I have approached my vet twice but they are looking to see him before doing anything, I do not want to...
  2. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi All, Not sure which forum this should go in, so it's going here. I'm looking into flying with my dog at Christmas (a long ways away, but have to make travel and care plans soon). The dog will have to go under the plane in her kennel. She will be 6 months old at that time. The flight and...
  3. Dog Grooming
    My dog sat in gum and I want to clip it out rather than try to wash it. Every time I even touch that area he freaks out, and when I try to hold him down he goes crazy. Is there a sedative I can get for him to make him calm down so I can do this?
  4. Dog Grooming
    Hi all :) My 6 year old Rotti x GDS will NOT let me clip his claws!! When he was younger, I could slip his muzzle on and nip the ends off quickly and relatively hassle free. But as he got older it became more and more awkward and the stress levels began to increase every time, meaning I...
  5. Cats
    Some of you may remember me mentioning I'll be taking my 5 year old cat with me when I move back to the states. He dislikes car rides and is terrified of them(trembles so much!). I'm concerned he'll be so stressed from the car trip ( roughly a 14 hour drive) that it may trigger a urine infection...
1-5 of 5 Results