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  1. Dog Shows
    I'm looking for sculptures by Denis Springer. I understand that he was known in the North American dog show circuit, he sculpted in bronze and pewter, and many of his pieces were given as dog show prizes, so I am trying to find the eyes of people who were active in the circuit when he was, or...
  2. Dog Art
    This is Savannah, a recent commission of a toy poodle made in sculpy clay.
  3. Dog Art
    This is Bobby, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that I sculpted in porcelain and painted with acrylics. Here are some photos:)
  4. Dog Art
    These are some of my mom's most recent dog sculptures> First is CH. Serenity's Walk in the Park, "Walker" a Best in Show Sheltie. Sculpted in porcelain and painted in oils.
  5. Dog Art
    Hi everyone! :) I love dogs very much (although I currently do not have a dog)! And I'm doing a little art:) I'm doing portrait sculptures of dogs. I am pleased to show you some of my work. Each sculpture done by hand and is an original One of a Kind. Polymer Clay, in scale 1:10 or 1:5...
  6. Dog Art
    that I created in celebration of my new adoptee... This one was sold already, but I did a couple of more (nothing like a new dog to boost creativity) that will be posted on my website soon... Ellen's Creatures sculptures of dogs and cats by EllensCreatures
  7. Dog Art
    There's a dog-shaped hole in my heart...lost my sheltie three years ago and still miss her. My other dog died in January, and I haven't been able to get another one because of job situation (long commute, long hours). I am trying to sculpt my way out of my dog depression, and thought I 'd post...
  8. Dog Art
    Hi I am new to the forum, just wanted to post a picture of one of my dog companion sculptures. I am a lifelong dog owner, recently left dogless after my elderly Belgian Sheepdog died...can't get another dog until I get a better job with less commuting, so I am currently sculpting my frustration...
1-9 of 9 Results