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  1. General Dog Discussion
    First off, hello! This is my first post on The Dog Forum. I've seen multiple very useful questions answered here but never made an account for the simple reason of forgetting to do so. But I finally have! It's too bad my first post has to be something so disappointing. I just got my dog...
  2. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hello, I recently got this cute 8-week old dog from a local farmer. He said she is "mostly schipperke" but she looks to have some other sort of small dog breed to her, as well. Any thoughts? She weighed a little over 3 pounds at her 8-week birthday :) Imgur: The most awesome images on the...
  3. Dog Breeds
    Hello! My four month old puppy is a Schipperke mix. We adopted him from the CCSPCA. I was wondering if anyone could guess what else he is mixed with?
1-3 of 3 Results