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scheduled feeding

  1. Dog Behavior: Demand Barking VS Cabin Fever? Early Morning Problem

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, Profile: My wife and I have a 4 year old black lab and a 4 year old min pin that we love to death. I work an odd schedule that can fluctuate from parts of the year, but for the last year I have been working from 6:00AM to around 5:00PM. My wife works as an independent contractor so she...
  2. Feeding Schedule Help

    Dog Training and Behavior
    10 Week Old Tela is a new introduction to our family. As I did with my previous puppy, she eats 3 meals a day, the amount according to her weight on the food package. 1 Year old Stash has always been a grazer since he got out of puppyhood. He picks at his food, slowly throughout the day. He...
  3. Does my dog want to play or go to the bathroom? Also schedule question

    Sometimes it's really early, and sometimes it's usually after dinner or around bedtime, my dog would whine or make a bit of noise in his crate. When I take him out, sometimes he'll go to the bathroom right away, while sometimes he'll just want to play and sniff around. I know that if you take a...
  4. Rehomed Dog Feeding Schedule?

    Dog Food
    Good evening DogForums. :) I have recently acquired my father's GSD. He's going through a tough financial time and divorce and doesn't have the time for Dakota anymore. While living with my father--for the past 8 years--Dakota has been eating Kibbles 'N Bits freely. My parents had multiple...