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  1. Any advice on Husky mix issues please

    New Additions
    Hi there, I would be very appreciative of some suggestions regarding issues with my new-ish rescue Husky mix- mixed with a Samoyed they think. I am a very experienced animal owner-the vast majority of domestic animals have been owned by my family and I at some point, with dogs being the center...
  2. Hello from The Netherlands!

    Hello, everybody! My name is Nádja and I have a 6 year old Samoyed. I am thrilled to be here and read all I can about dogs and share a little about mine. :)
  3. What is your vacuum cleaner of choice? Looking for suggestions

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    My wife's vacuum cleaner is on its last legs, and we need something that can pick up pet hair, specifically Samoyed hair and tumbleweeds. She has an aversion to upright vacuums (but hasn't ruled them out as this seems to be the way all super powerful vacuums are going), as she finds the hose...
  4. New Puppy Owner :) Heya!

    Hi everyone I'm 21 I live in Dublin, Ireland with my 3 year old son and my 10 week old ,Siberian Husky/ Samoyed Pup, Pumba. Isn't he a beauty? :p