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rough play

  1. 14 month old dog not getting along with puppy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I need some help! Monte is our older dog, not much older, we've had him for a year and he is probably around 14 months old. He has always been a very active dog with a ton of energy. We recently got Luna, she is bout 5 months old. She is a total snuggler and naturally pretty laid back...until...
  2. My dog's salvia hurts??

    General Dog Discussion
    :confused:In 70 years living with dogs, we have never had this happen! WHY would our shin burn where our dog's salvia gets on our skin. He loves to play fight, but has never gotten rough. It stings like some cat scratches do. But he don't play rough enough to break the skin, even leave a red...
  3. 6 mo. puppy/rough play/latching

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We have a six month old miniature bull terrier who has been so fun! He has always played really roughly, but over the last two weeks, his rough play seems to have progressed to aggressive biting at other dogs' faces and ears, and even a few latching incidents. A little history--we got him at...