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  1. Newfoundland or Rough Collie?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello, I am thinking of getting a dog in the future, not in the immediate future but possibly a few years from now. I have been doing research and I think I have narrowed my choices down to two: a Newfoundland or a Rough Collie. Now, initially I was set on getting a Newfie. I read that they...
  2. How do I pick a perfect breed?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello :) I'm not a dog owner but I'd really like to become one in some time. My favourite breed so far is rough collie. I love the fact that they don't require long hours of daily walks, their pretty coat and intelligence. I was nearly sure I wanted to get one. On the other hand, I've had...
  3. Have I made a mistake?

    Working Dogs
    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forums and hope I've posted in the correct place. Pardon me if not. This is a long and slightly confusing story, so please bear with me. Seven months ago I bought a service dog prospect (purebred rough collie)named Bonnie from a breeder about an hour away. She was...
  4. Alva's Rally Obedience

    Dog Performance Sports
    This was originally written September 27 th this year but some glitch on the page prevented me from sending it. So I saved it on my hard drive intending to post it later but it took its time: I took Alva to a rally-O trial today. And this was our best official run ever. It was our second trial...
  5. Greetings from a hopeful future pup-wrangler!

    Hello, everyone! I grew up with dogs, but haven't had one since I was 17, due to being in college and then apartment living with my two cats. In the past year, however, both my cats have had to be put to sleep for old age health issues. Since then, I have been researching dogs because I...
  6. Is a rough/smooth collie the right dog for me?

    New Additions
    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum so please feel free to move this post if it is not in the right place. I am looking into getting a rough/smooth collie in the future, and have a few concerns. I'd like to paint a picture of my life/lifestyle right now and see what you all think. (This is...
  7. Want to give a drawing/edit to my cousin of her dog that died. Any Volunteers?

    Dog Art
    Hi! I am going on holiday soon and want to give my cousin a drawing/painting/edit of her rough collie, Dżeki, that died 2 years ago. Here are some picture please say if you want others: I have some nice eye ones for an edit. Thank You!