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  1. Dog Behaviour

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello! I am currently carrying out research at college looking at the link between dog training and behaviour. If anyone is able to kindly spare 3 minutes to fill out my questionnaire and help me out that would be very much appreciated! The link is...
  2. Hi, I'm conducting a survey and I need your help!

    I'm currently conducting a survey for my research project, and it's about the lifestyle people have with owning a dog. I'm thinking about getting a dog I want to know some general information. Thank you for participating in my survey.
  3. Doing research on Introversion in Dogs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I’m doing some research on Extraversion/Introversion in dogs and looking for input from dog owners. If you and your dog are up for a few quick questions about your dog’s personality you can take a short survey here: (no spam or ads - just 10 behavioral...
  4. Hello- Future Shorkie Mom doing research

    Hello everyone. In a few weeks I'll be the proud mom of a male Shorkie. I came across this forum, after doing some research on Shorkies. I'm a single mom to three kids ranging from 5 years old to 12 years old. This will be our first dog. What are the key factors that I'll need to know...
  5. Dog Treats Research

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi guys, can you help us to answer some questions from this survey about dogs treats? It is for our marketing research project. We will really appreciate if you can spend some time to fill it. Here is the link...
  6. Survey on separation-related behaviours for all dog owners

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So i'm doing a survey as part of my third-year dissertation project and I need lots of dog owners to answer it for me Here is the link: Its a quick one so shouldn't take up too much of your...
  7. Survey on Self-Disclosure with Dogs

    General Dog Discussion
    I am a recent graduate from the University of Lincoln and am looking to expand the project I undertook for my dissertation, Self-Disclosure with Dogs. We are researching whether dog owners confide differently in their dogs vs their partners and are looking for male volunteers to take part in a...
  8. Coconut Oil Helps Senior Dog Brain Function, May Slow Alzheimer's

    Dog Health
    Hey all, I saw that there was a coconut oil thread before, but there was no mention of this awesomeness. I've been feeding coconut oil to improve Tuva's coat, but I had no idea it was such cool stuff. This article showed that MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides, which are abundant in coconut oil)...
  9. Dog owning finance

    General Dog Discussion
    Hey I am doing a research project at uni about the costs of keeping a dog vs keeping a snake and I am desperate for some more dog responses! Please please please help! I just need like 30 more response and then I can get going on my project and take one more step to being a vet!!! Lui xx...
  10. Research indicates dogs have some ability to read minds

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi all - I came across this old post below in my inter-web travels - I found it interesting - but most of all I found the comments amusingly negative - there's some very negative folks out there when it comes to dog lovers - that's for sure... I got the urge to comment some positive feedback to...